• Grab the chance to meet and socialize with business entrepreneurs from various verticals which will act as a tool to build a relationship

Grow Your Business

Ebator Appline: The ENTREBATOR APP (ebator app) enhances this unique business eco-system. The mobile application “ebator” provides its members a seamlessly integrated business communication tracking system, support in managing and building business relationship, provides effective…

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Marketing Made Easy

1on1links, understands the importance of the role that business consulting and marketing plays in your business growth, and the need to simplify this process that has been complicated due to digitalization. Over the years, our…

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About eBator

The goal and focus are to connect Business Directors, Business Decision Makers, Business Executives and Business Development Professionals, business processes and shared business environments. Focus: The Programma’s focus is on: Consistent Business Engagement Activities Identifying…

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Grab the chance to meet and socialize with business entrepreneurs from various verticals which will act as a tool to build a relationship, widen your network and gain new prospects.

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Our Experience

Everything initiates with our team and effort. We cultivate talent that knows industry, recognizes challenges, and that works hand-in-hand with you to transform and promote your business. Our executives often bring decades of business experience with unmatched operational backgrounds. Endorsed by excellent business thought leaders, having the experience through organizing over 200 business Get-togethers, face to face business promotional activities, working and supporting hundreds of directors daily through process and technology we can become a natural allay for your business growth.

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Our Team

"Our team members are hungry for knowledge and growth" With an eye for detail and a creative insight, our marketing history spans several years working with a wide range of businesses creating and implementing successful solutions. Our team comprises of individuals who are smart working, cooperative, charismatic and sincere with their work. We take pride in working with business directors and decision makers. As a team, we are committed to consistency and resourceful business support for our members. We love our work. Thus we help you develop a marketing foundation for your brand using a proven strategy that engages your marketplace. To top it,our team identify niche strategy that builds your brand with your defined audience.

Sri Narayana Bhupan

Founder and CEO

Setting and Executing the Vision

Subhash Ravilla


Accounts and Customer Support

Satish Mahapatra


Responsible for Marketing

Monica kandi


Creation and Oversight

Our Clients Feedback

  • Ebator gives me access to a very diverse crowd of Entrepreneurs. Best part, they are all there to build relations. Lead and Referrals being just a part of Ebator with a lot of other activities like the business builder program, training, talks etc. I would definitely recommend it to my buddies!

    – Khizer Ahmed Sheriff
  • I run a unique Business Exchange called 1800 XCHANGE and I find Ebator an extremely useful platform as it brings together many business owners and decision makers consistently in their meets. Being able to meet so many enthusiastic and successful business owners is a privilege. Yceeya’s approach, the range of services on offer and their integration, availability on mobile platforms tell how serious Ebator is about what they are doing. Be part of Ebator today ! H Thejasvi Founder & Consultant 1800 XCHANGE Bangalore

    – Thejasvi
  • Every time I attend Ebator business networking event it gives me great enthusiasm.

    – Rajesh
  • Ebator is process and people oriented. A perfect marketing program for business directors like me. Ebator provides the opportunity to work with teams, collaborate, build trust, exchange valuable referrals and build my brand that will help accelerate my business growth.

    – Ikram
  • ebator network is all about people, building relationships, and adding value. The best part is it works like magic and has become a one stop solution for my marketing and business growth.

    – Meena Punwani
  • My association with ebator has powered me to take my business to the next level. I see ebator and its team as my partner and I am glad I offered a good gift to my business by joining ebator.

    – Naveen Krishnamurthy
  • What I appreciate about Ebator business ecosystem is, it is exclusive for business directors. Very friendly environment and the best part you have an extended marketing team and wonderful process to promote your business.

    – Prashant Shetty
  • Ebator is the best gift you can give for your business. As a director, to grow our business, I strongly feel you need support from the market and fellow business directors. By joining and participating with this ecosystem I am able to find new clients and gain knowledge.

    – Vidhya Shastri
  • This ecosystem works for you if you are pro-active result oriented and believe in building long term business relationship. As a business director we ignore the power of marketing, after joining ebator I am learning and gaining support to build my brand and marketing process. I highly recommend fellow directors to take advantage of this effective business eco system.

    – Vidyanag Moka