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We Have 7+ Years of Experience in MSME consulting and Marketing

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One on One Links (1on1links) is a premier business consulting firm located in Bengaluru, motivated by the vision that businesses must reap maximum profits by providing maximum value. Over the years, through our process-oriented marketing solutions we have intensively provided business decision makers, business directors, entrepreneurs and startups with several opportunities to engage with their prospective influencers and enabled them to achieve their growth target.

At 1on1links, we understand that marketing, which encompasses sales, advertising, branding, networking and market relations, is the corner stone of any business. Unfortunately, 83% of businesses are unable to invest wisely and take advantage of marketing due to the lack of awareness, knowledge, expertise and much needed resources, more so after digitalization of marketing. Therefore, 1on1links business consulting & marketing process & team provides you with an exclusive business ecosystem which consists of various business environments, marketing solutions and business activities that propel your business growth.

1on1links plays the role of a bridge that connects and balances the fundamental aspects of both traditional marketing and digitalized marketing. Our focus is to be a one stop solution for business directors by providing affordable and scalable marketing and business solutions.

Our Focus

  • Consistent Business Engagement Activities
  • Identifying and Engaging the Influencers
  • Strengthening business Relationships
  • Presenting a Life-Time Value
  • Driving Top Line Revenue Growth
  • Increasing Bottom Line Profits
  • Improving Performance

Our Advantage

  • Result Oriented Investment
  • 24/7 Exclusive Business ecosystem
  • Direct Interaction & engagement with the decision marker
  • Exclusive business growth application "Ebator" App.
  • Offline activities,programs and Eventsfor one on one interaction

Our Experience

  • Organized business Get-together and business events every 10 days
  • Over 200 events & 300 + face to face interactive business promotional programs
  • Introduced over 10000 business directors and decision makers face to face
  • Over 3000 users registered and enthusiastically growing...

Team Members

"Our team members are hungry for knowledge and growth" With an eye for detail and a creative insight, our marketing history spans several years working with a wide range of businesses creating and implementing successful solutions. Our team comprises of individuals who are smart working, cooperative, charismatic and sincere with their work. We take pride in working with business directors and decision makers. As a team, we are committed to consistency and resourceful business support for our members. We love our work. Thus we help you develop a marketing foundation for your brand using a proven strategy that engages your marketplace. To top it,our team identify niche strategy that builds your brand with your defined audience.