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Hey there! Digital Marketing seems to have taken over the world by the wind and everyone seems to be in the race of Digital Marketing believing, it's all about who makes the loudest noise. Where’s the fun in that? Are your audiences even able to see you? Of course not, since you and your competitors won’t have any difference. Thus, leading your brand to be unrecognized. So, How do we overcome this? Well, we at Mark360365 have cracked the ultimate solution for reaching your goal without having to make the obvious noise will rather place you and your business in a unique and strategic position with 2 main factors: Commitment & Consistency. This is what will automatically put you on top of the A+ game and we are here to get you there.

Come join us to be extra in a pool full of the ordinary in the race of Digital Marketing because you and your company deserve to be #Extraordinary for 365 days in 360 degrees of Digital Marketing.

What We Offer:

You name it, We got it and that’s how we roll. As the name suggests, Mark360365 believes in providing you and your organization 360 degrees of Digital Marketing for 365 days and so we have services ranging from Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation. Anything and everything your business needs to gear itself and get the spotlight it deserves.

1. The Kickstarter Bundle~

Not yet in the game of Digital Marketing? No Idea where to start? Well, you have to come to the right place! Digital Marketing is all about how well you position and how much brand value one can add to a customer and so let Mark360365 get you started on your Digital Marketing journey!

In this bundle, we offer you the basics and the very first step towards Digital Marketing and that is by Setting Up and Managing All Of Your Social Media Handles For Your Business From Scratch! Provide us with content or allow us to make them for you, either ways we know engagements are gonna overflow! So no more worries about setting up and going through the tedious path of reviewing which type of account you want to create because now you have us! All to put you and your work at ease!

2. The No More Cam-pain Bundle~

Setting up and managing paid campaigns can be such a pain and drag. There are so many things on the line to be done and one cannot afford to make mistakes when there’s so much money involved. One just simply does not have time to do so. All of this is what makes Paid Campaigns Too scary for you? But why fear when you have Mark360365 that will put a seatbelt on you and your business when it comes to paid campaigns under your Social Media Marketing.

In this bundle, we offer you the tiniest details and the time that is required to analyze and Measure The Power Of Your Campaigns By Managing Them in the most convenient and efficient way. So, bye-bye worries because we have got anything and everything your paid campaigns require to maximize their results

3. The Enhancing Bundle~

Digital media advertising, conversions, leads, long-term values, and strategy. They are just a mere part of the ultimate “Digital Marketing Journey” and achieving all of this at once can only be wished as easy as it sounds but it's not a dream here at Mark360365 as we build reality. We create and supply values, not just any values but instead, we provide values to your business and for your transactions. Thus, achieving an ultimate and meaningful “Digital Marketing Journey”

In this bundle, we offer you everything you are looking to Enhance Your “Digital Marketing Journey” with A-Z Services From Conversations To Strategy. Everything is just as you need and at your pace without having to take the burden on your shoulders.

4. The Ever Technical Bundle~

Digital Marketing is forever filled with alien terms such as SEO, SEM, SMM and the list just goes on and on. Covering all of these topics and knowing it all seems impossible and far-fetched but hey, that’s our duty! Mark360365 being an allrounder is here to assist you with all the technical aspects that your business needs when it comes to Digital Marketing.

In this bundle, we offer you the Optimization Of Your Digital Space To Move Ahead Faster Than Ever with Great Resilience With Geeky Technical Assistance Through Tools when it comes to understanding and utilizing your Digital Space in the most efficient way ever through our SEO, SEM, SMM services and so on. Who says one has to be geeky to have a savvy online presence?

Can't decide on what you or your business needs? Looking for more? No worries because we got you covered. Check Out: The Audit Bundle~

Making decisions that will cost you, in the long run, is hard but why wait on doubts? Start relying on facts and setting your goals and reaching them in the most efficient and productive way all with the assistance of Mark360365.

In this bundle, we are providing you with a special bundle curated and personalized just for you where We Audit, Analyze, and Give You a Full-On Complex Analysis Of Your Businesses Digital Space From Top To Bottom Along With a Custom-Made Proposal. This proposal will include all the areas of improvement and the pros of your online presence when it comes to digital marketing that will allow you to reflect and align your moves as perfectly as possible with greater confidence. Take your very next step with Mark360365 when you know what you want and feel right all by seeing the facts are crossed checked and laid out just for your business.


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Our Services

what exactly is digital marketing, and what are the different types of digital marketing channels? We’re glad you asked. Digital marketing is any type of promotional activity done via the web. This includes anything in our list of marketing services:

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is the process of creating a visual concept to communicate a message. Our experts from www.1on1links.com will create unique visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, designers use typography and pictures to meet users' specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs. This will inspire many audiences and attract them to engage in Video.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization will help to rank your content in Google for a targeted keyword. This process will improve website traffic. Both through organic and direct traffics. Also, SEO mainly provides you the unpaid traffic to your website. SEO will have a special algorithm and unique methods to attract traffic to the website. We www.1on1link.com have dedicated team members to provide extreme service to our customers.

Content Marketing

Through Content marketing, you can brand your products, engage an online community of users, attract targeted customers towards you by using innovative content. By using Content Marketing you can provide valuable information about the product to improve trust in it. We www.1on1links.com has built a great emperor in the market to make excellent content marketing.

Video Marketing:

www.1on1links.com has a core team that works dedicatedly to promote your product through video marketing. Marketers will engage in a video related to your product and run a campaign accordingly. This will attract a wide audience and it will help to cover more viewers.

Paid ads:

Paid ads(Facebook ads, google ads) For Paid Ads, Marketers will pay the cost for the owners of the page to post their ads. They are many categories like pay per click, pay per impressions, and display ads. For Google ads, the advertisement will be displayed in the dedicated space on the webpage. In Facebook ads, the advertisement will display to targeted viewers as sponsors.

SMM, SEM, Website Audit:

Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Website Audit are mainly focused on attracting users from Social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more. These SMM, SEM, Website Audit will provide you both free traffic and paid traffic for your webpage. Also, the conversion rate will be higher when compared to SEO.

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